What exactly is property maintenance?

Property maintenance is one of the services we provide which involves the overall upkeep of a facility and its surrounding property.

This could vary from the maintenance of facilities that lease space, such as an apartment complex, rented house, or office building.
It is possible that if the owner of the facility is a company, they will often hire a property manager to maintain one or more of their properties, however, if the owner is an individual, it is possible they may decide to handle all of the responsibilities themselves.

In an apartment building, the individual that is responsible for maintaining the property will often be named as the landlord, superintendent, or caretaker, possibly living on site. The property maintenance of an apartment building includes cleaning and repairing the building’s shared spaces that usually receive the most traffic, such as the foyer, laundry room and even the elevators.
The repairs and maintenance that undergoes in individual suits will usually be handled when it is necessary, or at the request of the tenants in that building.

Apartment building maintenance also includes taking care of the building’s surrounding property, which could include mowing grass, when it snows, shovelling the snow, salting walkways etc.

3000 Property Services pride ourself in our quick, cost effective and stress-free solution regarding property maintenance and legislative compliance. We can change all of your locks, drainage systems and make all of the electrics safe and take meter readings.

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