• Security Guarding BirminghamManned Guarding
    ensuring a secure and friendly working environment
  • Security Alarm BirminghamKeyholding &
    Alarm Response

    highly effective, professional service, immediate response
  • Security BirminghamMobile Patrol
    & Response

    we ensure that all is well and secure

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We believe that if ever there was a need for complete trust in a business relationship, it is between a Security provider and their client. The strong relationships we have with our clients is based on open, honest and transparent dealings.

Our innovative approach to client care and with the use of the latest technology ensures maximum flexibility within the services we offer.

Our goal is to earn the position of preferred supplier, through excellence in service delivery and development of trust within a business relationship.

Security Company Birmingham
FAQ: What exactly is...
Security Company Birmingham
Manned Guarding?

A term that's used in the security industry, Manned Guarding simply means the security guards that most people are familiar with. For example, Manned Guarding is those of us who give a physical presence to the industry of security, guarding properties and people in terms of criminal damage, assault and entry.

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Security Company Birmingham
Keyholding and Alarm Response

A key holding and alarm response service offers you the ability to pass the responsibility of security breaches on your property into the hands of a third party. This allows you to keep yourself protected, minimising the risk to yourself or your staff by having a security team search the premises, ensuring that security is kept to a high standard and that the alarm is turned off. Residential properties can benefit from this service also, as home are left unattended during long periods of time in family holidays for example.

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Security Company Birmingham
Locking & Unlocking

In a business world that makes ever increasing demands on your workforce, the need to work late or meet deadlines necessitates some members of staff having to work outside of normal hours.

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