Vacant Property Security

Keep your unoccupied property safe, secure and presentable

We provide vacant property inspections 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A lot of building and business insurance companies now include mandatory void property inspections in their terms and conditions. This is to ensure health and safety regulations for staff and the public are adhered to, as well as to underscore the integrity of the actual property and any contents stored within it.

Unsupervised vacant properties are susceptible to theft, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour, and they can be difficult to insure as a result.

By appointing 3000 Security Services to take charge of your vacant property inspection services, we will:

  • Check the exterior of your property in order to detect any potential breaches or damage
  • Check areas such as car parks, annexes adjoining your property to ascertain the presence of trespassers who may have engaged in antisocial behaviour
  • Check for any litter, fly-tipping or any improper disposal of chemicals at your property
  • Check every window and door belonging to your property to ensure they are secure and no attempts to breach them has been made
  • Check that fire escapes are preserved and no obstruction caused
  • Check that the alarm systems are in good working order
  • Check the inside of the building to determine everything is as it should be and there are no water, fire or electrical damage risks
  • Carry out meter readings and take pictures
  • Meet any contractors if required at premises
  • Provide high-quality inspection reports highlighting any issues found or risks that may need addressing

Any unoccupied properties you own need to remain safe, secure and presentable. It is also an insurance requirement on the majority of vacant premises that they have checks carried out on a regular basis, and this is why we incorporate vacant/void property inspections as part of our lock and unlock and mobile patrol services.

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