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What is Manned Guarding?

What Does Manned Guarding Actually Mean? Manned security, also known as manned guarding, is a term widely used in the security industry to describe security guards who provide a physical presence and protection to properties and individuals. In this blog,…

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Professional security company

Choosing a Security Company: Key Considerations

When running a business, you work day in and day out to protect it; whether that be your employees, your product, service or premises.

So, why, when choosing a professional security company to protect your business, would you leave it to chance and not do your research before putting your livelihood in another’s hands?

But that’s easier said than done when you’re not entirely sure of what’s needed when choosing a professional security company to help protect your business when you’re not there.

And with the needs of today’s businesses changing rapidly; from employees working more flexible hours to weekend cover and night shifts, the requirements of a security company are particularly broad.

This is why, if you’re making the decision to invest in a new professional security partner, it’s important that you first establish the needs of your business.

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