What is Manned Guarding?

What exactly is manned guarding?

A term that’s used in the security industry, manned guarding simply means the security guards that most people are familiar with. For example, manned guarding is those of us who give a physical presence to the industry of security, guarding properties and people in terms of criminal damage, assault and entry.

A security guard is someone who is paid to protect various items, depending on the needs and requirements of their employee.  Security guards can be employed to protect people, property, assets and more. Generally being uniformed by their company, they act to protect the designated property through a high visible presence to the public, ensuring that illegal and inappropriate activities are avoided by those who wish to avoid punishment. This is carried out through a number of ways (most commonly patrols, alarm systems and video cameras), which allows the security guards to do their jobs at their highest possible level. They will look for signs of crime, fire or disorder, ensuring all are avoided at every cost.

The term security guard has only been popular since the 1980s, as the term watchman was more commonly considered the correct term before this. The term was carried over to the Northern parts of America, where it was interchangeable with that of night-watchman, a term used for those who take guard at night. Night-watchmen were required throughout America, where burglary was rife and people began to look for ways to keep their assets safe.

Security guards are hired in all industries throughout the world, in pretty much every country that holds some form of function or has an embassy. For example, security guards can be found all the way from your local shopping centre to music venues, nightclubs, government property, private property and even embassies that hold important meetings for the Government.

Security guards are not members of the police force, something which can sometimes be presumed by the general public. Acting on behalf of the best interests of their clients, security guards will simply protect the items/property that they have been instructed to do so. They will not actively look for crime, instead simply doing the work that they have been employed to do.

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