5 types of security guards services

There are several types of trusted and effective security services that can be used for many purposes. But what are they, and how can they best be used for your specific business needs?

Here are five of the most popular types of security-managed guarding services and how they can provide the best security solutions for you. Let’s have a closer look to see how they can provide the security service that’s right for you.

Construction Security

Every construction site needs security. Unfortunately, with building materials and costly equipment becoming increasingly popular targets for thieves, all aspects of your construction site are at risk. The value of these items left on-site can attract unwanted attention to thieves that may cause detrimental effects on your business, and this is where guarded security comes into play. To ensure your security site is kept secure, the likelihood is that you will need to look into hiring site security services, many of which can provide options for 24/7/365 packages to keep your site safe.

To safeguard your construction site and reduce the level of criminal activity that it could incur, you should select a security service that can deploy professional construction security guards and officers with relevant, industry-specific and, where required, CSCS Licensed Operatives. These construction site-based security guards are there to maintain a high-visibility presence that will help to deter any security risks to your business. They can not only help deter trespassing, vandalism and theft but also serve to minimise damage by watching for any damage that could occur to your site from fires, floods or storms.

Concierge Security / Front of House Security

Concierge security stretches beyond the basic needs of making your staff and customers feel safe. It goes hand in hand with providing impeccable customer service and creating a positive first impression for anyone who enters the building.

Concierge staff are the first people your clients will see and therefore act as an initial port of call for all who approach the premises. For this reason, they must be well-versed in customer service and hospitality as well as security trained. So when you select a security company to meet your front-of-house needs, it’s important to make sure that you receive an officer who will keep you and your staff secure whilst taking on a customer-facing role at the same time.

Concierge security officers are unique in that not only do they keep your space safe but also act as the face of your firm so it’s important to strike the right balance when hiring the best officers for you.

Site Security

Site security services encompass patrolling and securing any site that needs additional surveillance. The kinds of sites involved can range from building sites, gatehouses, retail parks, industrial areas and warehouses to council buildings, schools and car parks. Any site that is in need of effective protection for its property and the assets and people within it will benefit from patrolled site security.

Event Security

Event security is one of the most popular and sought-after security services available. Event security is there to assist with whatever it takes to keep your event safe, secure and running smoothly. A security specialist in events management should be able to provide everything from exhaustive, turnkey solutions for complete venue security to bespoke and specific security protection for any event.

Fire Watch Security Services

A “fire watch” is a person who is solely responsible for monitoring fire risks, looking out for fire and ensuring fire safety best practice is adhered to throughout your premises. Experienced, qualified fire watch staff will become intimately familiar with your buildings or premises, will eliminate fire risks and will ensure complete fire safety compliance.
A fire watch service is a safety measure designed to ensure your premises are properly protected from the threat of fire. Fire watch services are used when there is an increased risk of fire on your site – due to, for example, alarm systems and sprinklers being deactivated for longer than four hours, “hot work” (such as welding) taking place and during hazardous demolitions.

Why choose security-managed guarding services?

So why do you need security-managed guarding services? Looking at five of the most popular guarded security services above, It goes without saying that if you want to run a successful business or event, then you need a safe and secure environment. Whether you’re located in a busy, urban area and exposed to more potential crime or are located in a more remote area and seen as an easy target, the threat of a break-in, vandalism, theft and danger to your personnel is never out of the question.

3000 Security Services is a national security supplier with over 20 years of industry experience working with an impressive and diverse list of customers. Our approach to Security Services is radically different. We stabilise, improve, challenge and innovate which enables us to support our customers and security teams. 3000 Security Services is able to support and is perfectly equipped to meet the demands and complexity of any contract.All staff are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, uniformed and trained and are screened & vetted in accordance to BS 7858 : 2012.

Choosing 3000 Security Services as your provider not only guarantees you security guards that are efficient but also professional, courteous and highly trained and experienced too. This ensures that you’ve not only got that vital deterrence factor but an individual who has exceptional customer service skills and, more importantly, who is capable of handling a situation, not just preventing it from happening.

Our security service solutions include all of the guarded security options explored in this article, Construction Security, Concierge Security / Front of House Security, Site Security,
Event Security and Fire Watch Security Services. But we’re always happy to discuss any specific requirements should you need a more bespoke service.

Contact us to arrange your free consultation and quotation if you require security services in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, and our friendly experts will be happy to help.

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