Where can security companies can go wrong?

We all know security is essential for businesses and organisations of all sizes. However, some security companies can be in danger of making a lot of mistakes if they fall into some of the most common pitfalls for security companies. Here are five ways security companies can go wrong if they cut corners and ultimately find themselves failing to follow the correct procedures.

  1. Failing to properly vet their employees-  The reputability and success of an organisation are only as strong as the staff it hires and this is not an exception for security firms. Therefore one of the most important things a security company can do is to correctly vet its employees. This means doing thorough background checks, drug tests, and reference checks to make sure staff are exactly who they say they are. Unfortunately, some companies don’t do this properly, especially if they are struggling to cover or need to recruit quickly for important projects or events. This lack of attention to detail in the hiring process can lead to problems down the road and is especially important in security where an employer’s accountability is everything. 
  1. Hiring too many employees: Another mistake security companies can make is simply hiring too many staff to cover the workload. This can lead to a number of problems, including overspending, poor morale, and high turnover meaning staff aren’t as invested or knowledgeable in their role as they could be.
  1. Failing to train employees properly: Like most businesses, proper training is essential for any security company. Without proper training, employees may sometimes make mistakes that can lead to serious security breaches which could have been avoided otherwise.
  1. Not having a clear understanding of the client’s needs: It is important for security companies to have a clear understanding of their client’s needs to provide the correct security and surveillance necessary for the organisation in question. Otherwise, they may end up providing services that the client does not need, or worse, failing to provide services that could prevent an attack.
  1. Relying too heavily on technology: Technology is an important part of any security company, but it should not be relied on too heavily. Technology can fail, and when it does, it can leave the client’s premises vulnerable. At the same time technology is always advancing and it is important to keep abreast of this and be knowledgeable of new trends and developments.

With this in mind, a lot of where security can go wrong can boil down to an understanding of the client’s needs and the strength of the security workforce in place. Although it’s important not to rely too heavily on technology, human error does need to be taken into account at times. 

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