Top 10 funny moments caught on CCTV

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve thought “I’m so glad nobody saw me do that”? Well, they probably did, as it was most likely recorded on someones CCTV… and then it was probably uploaded to the internet. Here at 3000 Security we want to embrace the humiliation, hilarity and disaster that CCTV can accidently record, and we have made a list of our favourite moments.



It’s behind you!

I think we can safely say we have all done this. Similarly we’ve all walked into a lamppost or a glass door, it’s just unfortunate this chap was caught red handed!



When CCTV is installed into your home, it’s pretty likely to pick up some embarrassing moments! Dancing in your underwear, talking to your fridge or just being genuinely weird when you think no one is watching! The joy of home CCTV is it picks up moments like this where you wish you were recording!


A for Effort…

This is a warning to all those committing public fraud. CCTV is becoming more and more common, including dash cams and home security systems. You will be caught on camera and you will look very stupid!


That’s going to hurt in the morning

Perhaps a sign we rely far too much on technology? Or just an unfortunate mishap. Regardless, it’s fair to say this gentleman was not expecting that!


So who is going to help me clear up?

Clearly this is one of those situations where you can only sit and watch as the chaos unfolds. All we know is that this is going to be a difficult one to explain to your boss!


Crime doesn’t pay…

…In fact it makes you look pretty silly. There are so many parts of this clip that makes us truly thankful that CCTV exists. We are sure the shop owners felt exactly the same seeing this clip the next day.


“You’re hired!”

There is absolutely no context to this clip, and that seems to make it all the more fascinating. This CCTV clip has given thousands of people sleepless nights contemplating this man and his moves. Who is he? Why is he break dancing in a meeting? Why does the man behind the desk barely flinch? These questions will forever go unanswered.


That’s one way to clean a car

We know cleaning the car is such a chore, so we all try to think of inventive and time saving ways of doing it, but this is a little extreme.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Granted this is not a man, and this is not an issue we would likely face in the UK, but this bear has clearly taken the giving spirit of humans to a whole new level! That bear is in for a rubbish evening!


Lightning can strike twice!

We can all relate to this poor person freezing immediately after the televisions were toppled. Just that famous “oh no” moment that we have all had after doing something clumsy. Let’s just hope they don’t get the bill!


It’s pretty clear CCTV is keeping a good eye on the public, even when they don’t want to be seen. Which we feel is an important part of keeping your properties and construction sites secure. These examples show that people are still oblivious to CCTV even though it is such a common thing to have installed. Find out more about CCTV and how it can improve your security here.

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