The Struggles of the Night Shift

Being a manned guard can be very rewarding, however, it does require frequent night shifts. Because as we know, security does not sleep and nor does crime. Night shifts come with a number of struggles, some of which are listed below.

  1. Sleep has no pattern
    A security guards shifts will change, which means having a sleeping pattern is just impossible. The day is your night and vice versa. Which can make it hard for you to get errands done and most likely, online shopping will be your best friend.
  2. You miss out
    The lack of a sleeping pattern is also met with the fact that you are not able to commit to any activities. This means you miss out on numerous social occasions and seeing your friends becomes the ultimate dream.
  3. Staying awake can be hard at times
    Regardless of how much you enjoy your job, being up at 4am can be tough. Especially as it is natural for the body to crave sleep when it is dark. With a job that can require a fair amount of sitting, the struggle of not falling asleep can be tough.
  4. Caffeine is your friend
    One thing that can help you stay awake is caffeine. Actually, it is most likely to be your best friend and will allow you to be alert and active at times that no one should be awake.
  5. No one understands
    People who do not work night shifts will never be able to understand the struggle. They may think that pulling an all-nighter is the same but you can remind them that it isn’t.

The struggles may be real but load up on coffee and get ready for your next night shift! What would you add to the list? To hire a manned guard that understands these struggles but delivers the best security services then get in touch today.