Finding the Right Security System for Your Needs

It can be frustrating to choose a security system, as there are so many types. It is essential to have a security system in place for your home or business, to ensure your valuable and employees/loved ones are safe. Thus, we thought we would list the different types of security, to help you to choose the right one for you.

  • Unmonitored System

A unmonitored system triggers a loud siren outside and inside a property. This system relies on neighbours to call you or the police if you are not able to. As monitoring fees do not have to be paid, this can be the more affordable option. However, this system’s downfall is that it relies heavily on neighbours to react to the alarm. So if they are not home or are not the proactive types then this system could be pointless.

  • Monitored System

A monitored system is the most commonly used of all alarm systems. Once the alarm is triggered, a call centre is alerted and then they contact the police. This is done through an outdoor phone line, which can be located and cut by a burglar. This con of the system can be easily fixed by using an alternative such as a mobile or radio.

  • Wireless Alarm System

A wireless alarm system is the easiest to buy and install. This is as well as not having any monitoring fees and allowing for a choice of settings. Such as cameras, beams, sensors and/or motion detectors.

  • Electric Home Alarm

Last but not least, is the electric home alarm. This system monitors the doors and windows and omits a small beep when they are opened. A great security measure if you have children. However, a setback of this security system is that outside electrical currents and even lightning can interfere and make it work incorrectly. Contact us for more information on locks and alarms in Birmingham.

  • Keyholding 

Keyholding means that if the alarm of your business goes off, a team member of the security company you have chosen will respond appropriately and promptly in case of an intrusion. The benefit of having a security company as your keyholder, as opposed to assigning a trustworthy person, is that they will be ready to any sensitive situations, minimising the risk for your business, yourself and your employees. For more information on keyholding in Birmingham contact us!

And there you have it, some of the different types of security systems. That we are sure will allow you to select the right security system for you. Contact us today to hear more about these systems, as well as security in Birmingham.

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