How can retail security improve customer experience? 

Happy customers are what makes the retail world go around. With them, you enjoy a thriving business and a great reputation. Without them, customers flock to businesses that can satisfy their needs. 

Retail security is a big part of that customer satisfaction equation. We all want to feel safe, secure and able to go about our trip to the shops without any fear or worry. Some shops give us that feeling, others don’t. It’s easy to work out which of the two will enjoy busier shops, happier customers and healthier bank balances. To make sure you fall into the latter category, let’s take a look at some of the ways retail security can improve customer experience. 

Peace of mind 

You hope you’ll never need them, but it’s nice to know you have airbags in your car isn’t it? It’s the same thing with retail security: you hope you don’t need them, but it feels good to have them there just in case. Security presence gives your customers an added layer of comfort, boosts confidence in their safety and allows them to go about their day knowing there are professional, trained security making sure they have a safe shopping experience.   

If things do go wrong

Make no bones about it: security guards earn their keep. Theft on UK high streets is alive and well, and so is store chaos and other security breaches. Whatever the situation, the right security team will be able to handle the situation quickly, professionally and do so without interfering with the customers who have come with good intentions. 

Their ability to restore order means customers will have confidence in your store, so even if there happens to be an incident during their visit, they’ll be happy to return because your security team will have quickly resolved the issue. 

Security with a dash of customer service

First impressions count, and store security personnel are the first people we’ll see when we enter a retail store. If you’ve picked the right security team, they’ll welcome your customers with a warm smile and a polite greeting just like the rest of your staff. We like to think of them as an extension of your team – a different role, but with the same mission: 100% customer satisfaction. 

It’s not just at the door, either – customers regularly ask security staff questions, about anything from stock to opening hours to discounts and beyond. Whilst they may not be able to answer every question every time, if they’re helpful, friendly and can point your customers in the right direction, they’re making a big contribution to the customer experience – and we can’t ask for much more than that!  

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that retail security gives your team the chance to focus on running the shop, rather than having to keep a watchful eye on would-be thieves and other security-related issues. It allows them to do their jobs, focus on your customers and keep the business running as it should be. 

Maintain the reputation you’ve worked so hard for 

You work all hours under the sun to make your retail store a success. You’re constantly looking for great products your customers will love. You’re always on the hunt for ways to pass on savings where possible, and you do everything you can to make the customer experience one-of-a-kind. 

So the last thing you want is your reputation damaged by poor security measures. If you forge a reputation as the go-to store for shoplifters and chaos, customers will shy away from coming back. Word will spread, and before you know it, the reputation you’ve worked so hard to create is in tatters. 

Running a business isn’t easy work, but a big chunk of your job is done if you have a loyal base of happy customers who return time after time. Retail security contributes to that by providing a safe, secure haven for your customers to come and do their shopping. It’s a small detail that makes a big impact, and one that you should consider if you want to keep your great reputation.. great!

Wrapping things up

There it is – some quickfire tips to make sure your investment in security pays off in the form of happy, secure customers who won’t hesitate to visit your store again and again. Remember, the business that does the most for their customers always wins in the long term, and by ensuring customer safety and security, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. 

If you need some tips on hiring security, want to speak to us about how we can help or just have some general security-related questions, you can get in touch with us here. 

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