Office security: Where to start

Your office can be the central hub of your business and will contain a large number of valuable items and information, yet it’s common for your office’s security to be overlooked. Today we want to have a look at some of the basics and to give you some ideas on how you can improve the overall security of your office.




The most common and widely used method of security for a reason, CCTV can greatly improve the level of security within your office. Not only can you use it to monitor your office space, but if necessary you can install CCTV outside your office building to keep an eye on any goings on whilst you are inside. Potential criminals are far less likely to attempt any form of break if it’s made clear that CCTV is operating in the area.


Key Holding & Alarm Response

Depending on the area in which your office building is located, Key Holding & Alarm Response services may be a key component to you’re offices being secure. The way in which such services can be used are bespoke and depend on how regularly your office space is used. However having a highly trained security professional handle your offices security needs out of hours will certainly benefit you. Alarmed response professionals can range from trained security guards with great local knowledge to mobile response teams.



The overall security of a premises can greatly depend on how it is lit. It’s common knowledge that robberies are far more likely to take place at night, under the cover of darkness to make sure less members of the public can see their criminal activities. This is even more likely to be the case with office buildings, as it will be unlikely for an office to be open outside of standard working hours. Because of this, investing in lighting inside and outside of your office building can greatly decrease criminal activity. Most commonly used lighting would be movement triggered, as this will make any potential thieves vulnerable when approaching your building.  


Use internally locked storage

Investing in safes, locked storage cupboards and secure containment is crucial to create a secure office space. It’s easy to get into the habit of leaving expensive gear or valuable documentation in your office space as it is behind a locked door. However if you want to decrease the risk of your higher value items being taken, lock them away!


Cyber Security

Another commonly overlooked security must is through cyber security. Sensitive and important information will be regularly coming through your office and stored on your computer. Some quick solutions to this would be password protecting all of your computers and electronics as well as insuring screens are locked when you are away from the office. However, you may need to consider specialists to help you with more complicated services.


Here at 3000 Security we want to make sure your office spaces feel safe. We put so much investment into our office spaces and our businesses truly can rely on them, so we need to look after them!


If you have any more security questions get in touch.