7 Office Security Tips Your Employees Need to Know


While you’re concerned about the wellbeing of your home when you leave it unattended, you may not be thinking about your office security in the same way.

Working in an office environment can pose a variety of threats from online threats to physical harm. When working together in an office, it is important to be alert so to prevent any attacks.

Below, 3000 Security have compiled a list of 7 security tips that employees and employers should know to help them stay safe:

Social media

Whether your job role includes working on social media or not, it is an incredibly popular medium of communication. In saying that, employees should be careful about what is posted about their workplace. Also, it is important to keep profiles private to strangers.

Sharing sensitive information about your workplace can place your office in a vulnerable position which could, in turn, escalate to lawsuits and termination.

Be observant

If you notice somebody walking into the office whom you haven’t seen before, ask if you can help them in any way. Often, people do not take this initiative in similar types of situations, making the assumption that another worker has taken care of it.

Personal belongings

Do not leave personal belonging unattended in public areas, even if you’re positive co-workers wouldn’t rummage or steal belongings. It is a good habit to adopt to ensure that keys, purse/wallet, mobile and any other valuables are kept somewhere safe.


Strive to enforce a ‘no solicitation policy’ as many criminals will use soliciting as a way to scope out an office, it’s security and the employees.

Online safety

Although many offices will have security systems and firewalls in place to deter cyber attacks, there are hackers who are experienced getting past these types of barriers. Many times it’s through spam mail or pop-ups.


If you have a security key, ID badge or office key, it is your responsibility to know where it is at all places.

Working late

If you are alone in the office, working late, ensure that you take the proper security precautions and let others know where you are, how long you’ll be there and what time you are leaving the office. This information is critical if anything were to happen.

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