Improving the security of your premises lowers insurance premiums

Taking these security steps can lower your insurance premiums

High level security in your workplace or your home is what every wants and needs. You want to protect those you love and you want to make sure that all of your property is preserved. In most cases, your current security measures won’t have gone under review for a while, unless something has happened to your property that has forced you to change your efforts. Old routines are hard to break, so many will slip into their old ways when trying to enforce new security measures, whether that be at home or in the office. Security against break-ins, fireproofing and protecting valuables often becomes vulnerable due to the lack of care shown by many.

A number of benefits come with upgrading your security systems. Naturally, the main benefits come with providing a much safer environment for employees to work home, alternatively giving a safe home environment for your loved ones whilst protecting any valuables, such as stock, jewellery and documents that would be not only bring financial loss and sentimental loss if a robbery occurs.

Whilst all of this seems a no brainer, the installation costs of a new security system can be an incredibly expensive move in a business sense and many can’t justify affording that level of expenditure, especially in the economic climate that surrounds us today. One of the huge advantages of doing this will massively lower your insurance premiums for business, household and contents protection which will save you money in the long run.

What security measures can I take to protect my property?

Generally speaking, implementing a security measure that decreases the risk level of an intrusion to an insurer will most commonly end up in lowered premiums as a reward:

Be sure to improve the security of valuable assets. In the home environment, this could be accomplished by installing a safe or a mini vault. Both are assessed with a cash rating, denoting their core strength and the ability they hold to resist any form of attack. When it comes to commercial properties, you may want to consider options such as security cabinets for your items or simply upgrading locks to electronic alternatives.  Using this method can help you determine which employees hold access to certain areas.

Upgrading the security features in cars or vans will make a huge difference to the cost of vehicle insurance quotes. GPS vehicle tracking systems should be widely considered as one of the best options.

Protecting your home, office or commercial property from burglary can be a massive project to undertake, making it difficult to know where to start. Begin by installing window locks, burglar alarms, movement sensors, heavy duty padlocks and CCTV (you can consider dummy cameras as an option).

Always seek advice from your insurer first

Naturally you’ll need to speak with your insurer before making changes to your security that involves a large outlay. Security systems must comply with the regulations of your insurer and it is always a good idea to talk this through before buying any materials or systems.

In most cases, insurers will be happy to send out a loss control advisor to assess your current situation, as they’ll be able to make suggestions on potential improvements in your property.

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