Importance of a fire risk assessment

3000 Security offer a fire risk assessment service, something which is incredibly vital for a workplace.

A fire in the workplace can impact a business massively, not only is there the threat of severe injuries to workers and possible death, there is the financial impact upon the workplace and any of its trading operations.

As a result of these threatening consequences, it is a legal requirement in many different countries for employees so to receive suitable fire safety training. These can take form in a number of health and safety courses, training similar to fire warden or fire marshall courses alongside induction training for those who are new and taking refresher programmes every so often.

As well as training, a vital feature of a company’s fire safety and prevention responsibilities is the production of a fire risk assessment.

A fire risk assessment will allow you to identify any issues including where a fire could start and how – this will outline any potential sources where the fire could ignite and sources of fuel, who would be at risk and why they would be i.e. danger of being trapped, working in a flammable environment, and, of course, the steps to be taken into consideration to reduce or remove the threat of a fire.

Not only will it protect those working for the company, but those who may be in danger and are not employees such as nearby members of the public or visitors to the site/business, thus why fire risk assessments and crucial for your business.

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