How to Stay Awake during the Night Shift

Working the night shift can be extremely draining for anybody.

When working in security, it is likely that you’ll come into contact with working the night shift sometime in your career and it is crucial that you’re alert and ready to act in the event of any disturbances.

3000 Security are taking a look at some tips to help you stay awake during the night shift, below:

Eating & exercising

Regardless of what you are doing, it is likely that your body is going to be put through stress. It is nearly impossible to overhaul your schedule without losing some sleep, leading to your body protesting.

Healthy eating and exercise will go a long way as this will benefit your body with the amount of sleep you are likely to lose.

Stay hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated during your shift, drink plenty of water and snack on healthy foods.


Each of us responds differently to caffeine; for some it does nothing but there are others who swear by it. An important thing to remember is to not be reliant on the caffeine to keep you awake.

An idea could be to have a cup of coffee an hour or two before your shift and have a power nap of 20 minutes to increase the effects and keep you more alert during your shift!

Daytime napping

As your body has the natural urge to wake when light¬†appears in your darkened room, to get in a few hours in the daytime, ensure that you black out your room to get a good day’s sleep.

Keep your mind active

If you haven’t been set any tasks to do throughout your shift, keep your mind active by finding little tasks that you can immerse yourself in.

Believe it or not, working the night shift is definitely not all that bad. You get a free day, more time to sleep and glimpse, first hand, the beauty of the early morning sunrise!