How has security evolved over time?

Security is important, fundamental. When you live in a place, you feel at home if you are protected. A home is like a bubble: you know you are in your comfort zone and nothing bad can happen. However, you cannot spend the rest of your life just in your property. You need to go out, explore the world and still feel protected anytime, anywhere. Because of that, it’s important that offices, hotels and other public buildings have security systems like alarms, CCTV and fire alarm systems in order to let people feel comfortable, protected and safe in public spaces. Now, let’s see how security technologies have evolved to improve people’s lives:


Alarm systems: During the Roman Empire, people were using animals such as geese to alert them of any danger. They believed that intruders could easily sneak past guard dogs or subdue them quickly, rendering them a useless form of security. With the First Industrial Revolution and the discovery of electricity in 1700, a British inventor, Mr Tildesley, was responsible for creating the earliest model of alarm system. He worked out that by attaching chimes mechanically to his door lock, he would be alerted whenever someone attempted to open the door. This was a good idea, but we can imagine that the sound of the chimes got pretty annoying at times. From then on, alarm systems became more and more sophisticated and vital to our security. Today, could you imagine a properties without alarm systems?

CCTV: Before the invention of photography, it was impossible to film someone. If someone was stealing something or committing a crime, the only “CCTV” you could consult to discover the truth were snitches and blabbermouths. With their hawk eyes, the old ladies knew everything about everybody and became the best sources for the police in order to get information. With the development of new technologies, the blabbermouths were replaced with something a little more reliable. The idea of using video technologies for security started during the Second World War. If your enemies were trying to steal important documents, it could have severe consequences. However, it’s with the invention of television that a USA company introduced the first commercial CCTV system. From this point, CCTV became more and more sophisticated. Now they are everywhere and monitor a specific area 24/7. As Sting sings in his most famous advertisement for CCTV, AKA a song: “Every breath you take and every move you make… I’ll be watching you”.

Fire Alarm Systems: By the late 1800s, George Andrew Darby invented the first smoke detector in Birmingham, England. This was the first time a thermostat could detect heat and trigger the sprinkler system to displace a fire. Before the invention of these systems, it was really easy to set a fire and destroy other properties. Today, thanks to these sophisticated systems, it is possible to prevent dangerous fires and save people’s lives.


The world is like a wild jungle, but it can become a bubble if people invest their money in security systems. At the moment, these technologies are already really sophisticated. So, what will the future bring? Who knows, in twenty years time, personal security systems that can read people’s minds and prevent bad situations might be introduced. But one thing we’re sure of:  if used safely and properly, security systems make the world better and safer place to live!


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