Easter Security Tips for your Business

As Easter is quite the popular holiday for people to go away on a long weekend away. This may leave many businesses and homes unguarded during this period.  You should always be conscious of your security around Easter as some people may be on the hunt for more than just eggs. If you’re hopping off away this Easter, or if your business will sitting there like a full basket, here are some eggcellent tips to stay secure over the Easter period.


Lighting placed near driveways, entrances, and at the rear of a building can deter crime massively. Lights can be used as deterrents if linked to a timer or motion detectors. This will make the unoccupied home or businesses look like someone is in.


If you’re not driving over the Easter break and have parking facilities either at home or work, try to leave your car in view outside the building. This will indicate that someone is home to would-be criminals and hopefully they won’t go egg hunting in your office or house. If you are taking your car away, or just don’t want to leave it at work, you could ask some neighbours or local businesses you know will be home to park in your spot to give the illusion of someone being in.

Sharing is Not Caring

Do not share plans of when you going away, or the business being closed on social media unless absolutely necessary. Some criminals are known to use social media such as Facebook, to find people posting about going away. This lets them know the house or businesses will be completely unguarded for the time you are away. If you do want to share your Easter plans on social media make sure that your accounts are on private. Even take it as far so that all the connections you have are known to you. Alternatively, wait until after your plans have finished, and until your back at home or work to post about them.


If you’re leaving your business or home alone for the Easter break, keep the keys in a safe place. If you don’t want them taking up space in your luggage then use our keyholding service. We operate a fully insured, UK wide Keyholding and Alarm Response Service for commercial and domestic customers.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about the options we provide to both commercial and domestic, especially our tailor-made keyholding and mobile patrol services systems.