8 Ways to Ensure Your Holiday is Safe

In the past, we have outlined ways to ensure your home was safe. This month, as many people will currently be on holiday, we have outlined 8 ways we think will improve your security whilst on holiday and ensure you have a happy trip.

  1. Pre-book your seat
    Before you leave for your holiday, it is a good idea to pre-book your seat. The rear of the aircraft is statistically safer, as are aisle seats, as they allow you to get out of the aircraft quickly.
  2. Keep your shoes on 
    It is best to not remove your shoes before take-off and landing. As taking them off will slow you down if you had to leave the aircraft quickly.
  3. Emergency
    If an emergency occurs, leave all of your personal belongings. Similar to taking your shoes off, it can slow you down. Also, do not pay attention to what others are doing, just concentrate on getting off the plane.
  4. Listen
    We have all heard the instructions that are given by the cabin crew but how many people actually pay attention? Well, it is beneficial to do so, as it is their purpose to protect you.
  5. Avoid travelling by road at night
    Once you arrive at your holiday destination, decrease your chances of an accident by not travelling by road after dark. As some countries, especially those that are still developing, may not have the adequate lighting that would allow you to travel safely.
  6. Stay away from the water
    Make sure you avoid food poisoning by not drinking the tap water. As it is known for carrying bacteria and it may not be filtered.
  7. Stay Vigilant
    Ensure you are aware of your surroundings wherever you go. Also, it is good practice to not look like a holiday-maker, as pickpockets will target you.
  8. Electronic locks
    Lastly, it is a good idea to ensure to book a hotel that has electronic locks, as they are harder to break into.

These tips will help to make your life easier whilst you are on holiday but ensure you still have a great time!