Choosing a Security Company: Key Considerations

When running a business, you work day in and day out to protect it; whether that be your employees, your product, service or premises.

So, why, when choosing a professional security company to protect your business, would you leave it to chance and not do your research before putting your livelihood in another’s hands?

But that’s easier said than done when you’re not entirely sure of what’s needed when choosing a professional security company to help protect your business when you’re not there.

And with the needs of today’s businesses changing rapidly; from employees working more flexible hours to weekend cover and night shifts, the requirements of a security company are particularly broad.

This is why, if you’re making the decision to invest in a new professional security partner, it’s important that you first establish the needs of your business.

For example, with lockdown restrictions still in place across the country, you may be running on a reduced workforce or expected to leave your business unattended for long periods of time. 

This, of course, leaves your business prone to being targeted by burglars and vandals, which can cause additional worry when you’re not around.

This is where Manned Guarding can help to protect your business, with the presence of a highly trained, professional security guard immediately making your premises a less appealing target for criminals.

As the Coronavirus has continued to have a huge impact on many businesses, security staffing can also be used for retail or large office environments to enforce social distancing rules.

This service ensures that staff and members of the public are adhering to the precautions put in place, making sure all the rules are followed in a safe and professional manner.

So, once you have assessed the particular needs of your business, you can then do your research to find the professional security company that best fits with your requirements.

Here are our 5 key points to look out for when selecting your new professional security company.

Steps to safety

You may understand that when investing in a professional security company, protecting your business is paramount.

And, of course, you’d be right. 

But, ensuring that the safety of your team, the general public and the security team should be high up on the priority list too.

No professional security company will accept security plans from a client that puts themselves or anyone else in danger, which often separates the quality of the company you are dealing with.

Although it may be hard to disagree with the requests of a paying client, a reliable and trustworthy security team will, in fact, highlight any issues and create a superior plan that will work for both parties.

It is therefore important to question a security company on their health and safety documentation before agreeing to a contract, as we would only recommend liaising with a company that makes these available to view for their clients.

You can review 3000 Security’s health and safety and other policies here.

Trust in training

As with any professional security company, it should be a given that all their guards and professionals have the relevant training and licences in place to ensure a high quality, trustworthy service.

And this is something that can quickly be discovered, as with safety documentation, a guard’s proof of training should also be available to view by a client upon request.

A security professional will also need to hold relevant, and up to date, health and safety training that allows them to perform First Aid when necessary.

All these factors will allow you to decipher whether a business and their team are trustworthy and responsible to protect your livelihood.

At 3000 Security, all of our team members are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed, uniformed and trained and are screened and vetted in accordance to BS 7858: 2012, along with the relevant health and safety documentation.


A great, professional security company doesn’t have to have years of experience under their belt to do a sufficient job of protecting your business.

But, of course, experience in the field provides you with the peace of mind knowing that the security guards have faced many incidents and resolved them quickly, efficiently and at the least cost to a business.

There are plenty of situations that can occur when guarding business premises, and having the experience to deal with each situation in a calm, collected manner will certainly offer an incentive over a younger company.

3000 Security has over 20 years of experience as security partners, having had trustworthy, working relationships with hundreds of businesses across Birmingham and beyond over this time.

We offer a range of services, including manned guarding, keyholding and alarm response and CCTV systems to name a few, and offer a personable approach to security; with the benefit of experience and trust.


Along with experience, reliability comes hand in hand. 

This is again another hugely important factor when considering a professional security company, as you need to fully trust the business you are asking to look after your livelihood.

One of the easiest ways to select a trustworthy security company is by reading reviews, understanding their experience in the field and even through referrals from other local businesses.

At 3000 Security, we pride ourselves on building long-standing, honest and open relationships with our partners, and instil the ultimate trust through professionalism and reliability.

We work to earn the position of ‘preferred supplier’, which is why we have clients return to us time and time again.


And this is where communication between security company and client comes into play.

You could offer the most professional security service available, but if you don’t put a value on effective communication with your client, trust and reliability can never be at the forefront of this working relationship. 

As mentioned, at 3000 Security we understand the importance of the partnership between our team and our clients and believe this is only done by offering open and honest communication from the outset.

So, whatever your needs are in a security company, this should create your basis for the most appropriate firm for the job at hand.

By completing thorough research on the type of service you are looking for, you will ensure that you find a team that fits your needs and suits your values.

And with the pandemic continuing to create issues surrounding the security of unmanned premises and the protection of teams, it’s even more prevalent to ensure you work with a security company you can trust and rely upon.

If you have concerns about how to manage your business and want to minimise the risks post-pandemic and beyond, please feel free to chat with one of our experts on 0121 244 7755 or email us at