What is Key Holding and Alarm Response?

Key holding and alarm response are important for property protection, but what are they?

A key holding and alarm response service offers you the ability to pass the responsibility of security breaches on your property into the hands of a third party. This allows you to keep yourself protected, minimising the risk to yourself or your staff by having a security team search the premises, ensuring that security is kept to a high standard and that the alarm is turned off. Residential properties can benefit from this service also, as home are left unattended during long periods of time in family holidays for example. So, just why should you consider using a key holding and alarm response service? We have a number of reasons below:

It’s safer for you

Most commonly, two people are required in order to hold the keys to a business premises, as this allows for two responders to access the alarm should it be activated on accident or by an intruder. Though this is common practice, it’s not necessarily convenient at times, nor is it safe. Business owners and employees are both at risk when it comes to attending their own alarm triggers, as there’s no telling what’s going on inside of the property. Numerous business across the world now choose to use a security company instead of putting themselves at risk. Even private residents are now using the service to ensure their safety and this can be delivered on a full or part-time schedule.

The first line of defence

A security company will be the first line of response to your premises, as the alarm company will monitor your alarms and as soon as they’re triggered, they’ll contact the security company, who in turn will respond to the premises. The company will have uniformed officers who have keys to access the site, who’ll patrol the property and react in a suitable manner.

Peace of mind

When you go away, whether it be on business or a holiday with the family, you need to know that your business premises or your residential property is in safe hands. The pain of coming home to find your home trashed from a burglary is terrible, so protection against such things are necessary. The security company you choose will respond to the alarm and check the premises are secure.

Cost effective

Using a security company is a simple, hassle-free yet effective service that will ensure the safety of your property is kept to a constant high. The service offers real value for money and peace of mind. For more on keyholding services in Birmingham and a vast range of security services, please contact us.