Advantages of Regular Property Maintenance

The majority of property management companies tend to be very responsive to maintenance requests.

However, as the real estate market is still in recovery thus meaning some people may be neglecting certain things again. Regular maintenance will help you to avoid any running around when answering emergency maintenance calls.

There are five different types of maintenance:

Routine – This maintenance tends to cover the jobs that are assigned to be taken care of at regular intervals throughout the day, this could also be weekly or monthly. An example of this may be landscaping, and cleaning.

Preventive – Preventive maintenance seems to be the easiest to neglect, but the changes and servicing that may need to be done to the air filter and hot water heater will save a lump sum of money by identifying an issue before it becomes an emergency.

Corrective – If something happens to break, it will need to be fixed. This particular maintenance can be categorised as the giving the biggest impact on a company manager, and this can be avoided by employing a routine and adopting preventive maintenance.

Cosmetic – This refers to prettifying an environment. Something that would be adopted for when a new tenant may be moving in.

Deferred – Deferred maintenance refers to a property that doesn’t have the funds that are available to perform certain repairs, which will then defer any maintenance that needs to be done to a later, suitable date.

Each kind of maintenance is important for property management, and a fast response and solid maintenance skills will keep your organisation and complex running smoothly.

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