Top 5 Security Fails

Here at 3000 Security Services, we take security seriously but we do chuckle when we see security fails. There is nothing better than sharing a joke. So, we thought we would share our top 5 security fails we have come across.

The whole point of having a locker, or so we thought, is to secure your belongings. Obviously, this person did not get that memo and may have forgotten their padlock. Instead, they have tied their locker closed with, what looks like, red laces from a shoe. Very interesting and ineffective choice.


One of the services we provide is designing and installing CCTV systems. We can 100% guarantee that we have never and will never installed a system like the one above. But hats off to the person that made this, some great innovation there. Ineffective but innovative!


Now the next two images show that someone had the best intentions of making sure their bike was safe. But they did not succeed, in a ridiculous fashion.


How long do you reckon it will take for someone to get these bikes loose?


Now this is our favourite of the bunch of these security fails. How many cars do you think actually went through the barrier and not just around it?

What is the funniest security fail you have come across?