Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Private Security

When you own a business, security is going to be one of your top concerns. Especially when it comes to the options you have, it is either hiring internal security staff or hiring staff from a private security company. Many businesses are not aware of the variety of benefits that can come from hiring a private security company. Some may  simply not be knowledgeable about the industry.

This is where we can help! So, in order to improve the understanding of the basics of manned guarding, we have listed the top five things that you do not know about it.

Extra customer service
Not only will a private security officer be there to protect your business but they will also be there to represent your business. So, regardless of whether they are stationed at the entrance of your business or at the front desk, they will be there to answer customer queries. Or even be there to guide visitors around your building and facilities.

The security company that you choose should be able to fulfil all of your security requirements. They should also be able to take on board that  some off-the-shelf solutions don’t work and be flexible enough to offer solution that cater to your requirements. This can be anything from the hours being adjusted etc.

When a private security company is hired, the cost is based on a set hourly rate that will remain fixed, subject to the terms of your service agreement. Meaning that the business will be protected from any unexpected extra labour and overtime costs. Thus, hiring professionals can often be cheaper then hiring an internal security team. As you don’t have to worry about managing payroll, uniforms or ensuring compliance. You will know where your money is going, as everything will be outlined in the agreement.

Can boost business
Feeling safe will help to lower stress levels and allow staff to be more productive. As they won’t have to worry about the security of the business, as a professional will be on hand to help.

More than just protection
Private security officers can do more than protect your business from criminals. Our security officers are also trained in fire-safety, data protection and health and security. Which means they can help in situations where there is a fire and even first-aid. They are also there to help in case of any emergency.

To learn more about us, the private security services we can provide a business or the Manned Guard solutions that we have; get in contact today.