Building Security Tips for a Small Business


Every business should have some form of security keeping their premises and staff members safe.

Small businesses, even those with a small budget, can install a security system and 3000 Security are showing you which are the most affordable!

Monitored alarm system

A system like this will contact a call center if the alarm is triggered, from there the call center will contact the police.

Unmonitored alarm system

This particular system will set off an alarm inside the building and outside if triggered. It can also come with flashing or steady floodlights to call even more attention to the situation.

Wireless alarm system

These can be bought at nearly any hardware store and are easy to install. A wireless alarm system operates with cameras, sensors and motion detectors, and can also include flashing lights.

Another system is one thatis design for the extreior of buildings. It incorporates motion detection with lights that turn on and an alarm when a specifc motion is dection. This allows the alarm to differentiate between a regular pedestrian walking down the street and a possible thief who will take a different route approaching a door or window.

Similarly, you could integrate mobile patrols around your business‘ premises.