Security Guarding Birmingham

Some people think of security guards as hardmen enforcers in the mould of Vinnie Jones or Lenny Mclean – the sort of blokes you never mess otherwise you get a slap. While most security guards are required to have a certain level of fitness and physical presence, they’re also selected to an entirely different set of criteria. If you think you have what it takes, could you say you tick all the boxes below?

Arguably the most important attribute of any good security guard is patience. Our security guards understand that for 364 days of the year, a guard’s job is to simply stand watch over an empty property, but on the one day that they may be called into action, you’ll be grateful for their presence. Security guards need to be able to patiently observe a vacant property for long periods of time, without getting distracted or switching off. It can be a very boring job, but there’s no room for complacency in this profession. Over an uneventful shift the temptation may be there to put your feet up, watch telly or even catch 40 winks – and no security guard worth his salt should ever succumb to these temptations.

It’s no good having a patient security guard on site at all times if they miss the incidents they’re employed to prevent. Security guards are intended to be your eyes and ears on the ground; there to vigilantly patrol your property when you can’t be present. Security guards who switch off aren’t doing their jobs properly – constant vigilance is necessary or you risk missing a potentially crucial piece of information.

No-one reasonably expects a security guards to take on the world, but a certain level of confidence is absolutely necessary. To confront potential trespassers or suspicious individuals is a must – shy types have no place in the security industry.  Guards must routinely deal with the general public, the police and their employers, so a professional manner and the ability to communicate information accurately and effectively is essential in this industry. Security guards need the confidence in their own abilities to gauge difficult situations and make the right call every time as, make no mistake, criminals will exploit hesitancy.

Observational skills
While the security guard’s job occasionally involves confrontation, for the most part it focuses around observation instead. Security guards need to monitor their territory constantly.  Security guards represent a more effective deterrent than any other security solution around.

Security guards require numerous attributes in order to perform their jobs clinically and professionally, but they may not be the attributes you’d have expected at first. If you want a security solution to keep your business safe in Birmingham, the West ~Midlands or further, look no further than our dedicated,security guards. If you’ve read our blog and still think you have what it takes to be a security guard, consider applying for a job with us here at 3000 security services or call 0121 244 7755 or email us for what we can offer you.

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