Security at Christmas

Is it time you boosted your security in time for Christmas? The anticipation of seeing a loved one’s reaction to a gift gets closer. This is as well as the relief of when getting that one special gift you were hoping for (and not the 7th pair of cheap socks). However, when your house is filled to the brim with the latest gadgets and that one particular game console for your nagging child, as well as your business being used considerably less around this time, creates the perfect incentive for unwanted guests to come visiting. Only these visitors won’t be coming down the chimney.

This is why we highly recommend the following tips. As they will ensure they keep you, your family, your business and your gifts safe from would-be criminals over the festive period.

1. Get rid of packaging discreetly

If you have recently purchased a new TV or games console over the festive period the last thing you should do is leave the cardboard box waiting outside for collection. Attempt to take your waste to a recycling point if you can. If this isn’t possible then only put the rubbish outside on the morning of collection. If your packaging is outside for all to view then you are letting thieves know that it will be worthwhile to break in.

2. Look at home or in work

If you’re on holiday over the Christmas period then make your house looks lived in and your business looks used. A way of doing this is by giving friends keys to the house and asking them to come over regularly. Another way would be saying to the neighbour or other businesses near yours if they could park on your drive, or outside your business to make it look like someone is inside. If the burglar thinks someone is in then they are less likely to break in, as only 3/10 break-ins happen when someone is present.

3. Hide your Lights leads

Be careful when setting up your festive lights. As most light cables are fed through open windows. This creates the perfect opportunity for thieves to sneak in. This is supported by the fact that almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window. The best way around this would be either investing in some outdoor wall sockets. Alternatively, purchase some solar powered lights that require no power adapter or plug.

4. Don’t let the mail pile up

If your porch or reception is collecting a healthy stack of letters, leaflets and magazines, it will be obvious to the would-be burglar that no one is there or has been for a while. Thus making it easier for them to break in. Additionally,  don’t leave notes or messages for any couriers saying no one is in. Criminals will see this as an invitation to an empty place that is going to be empty for a while. Make sure to contact mail services before going away, letting them know to store mail in a safe and hidden place or not deliver altogether.

5. Hide presents

No, we don’t just mean from your kids or colleagues. Make sure the public cannot see presents through windows and doors by hiding them away from open view. If a present is easily seen from outside then it will make it less difficult for burglars to plan a potential raid as they will know where everything is.

6. Update your  security

The most important thing you should do around the festive period is to invest in a new security system. Research shows as much as 60% of burglars casing a potential target would indeed be deterred by an alarm system. However, if you don’t fancy installing cameras and sensors around the house or office, then make sure your locks and doors are all fully secured and don’t leave spare keys out. The best thing to do is leave a key with a neighbour, other local business or close friends and family. We do mean close geographically as you don’t want to be stuck outside your house waiting for a friend from a city that is 90 miles away to bring you a key.

7. Invest in one of our many security services

We provide a wide range of security services for clients throughout the festive period. These include such things as key holding and alarm response. This offers you the ability to pass the responsibility of security breaches on your property into the hands of a third party. This can be extremely helpful if you’re abroad for Christmas. We are also highly experienced in designing and installing CCTV security systems. We utilise the very latest in CCTV security technology and equipment to deliver solutions that are at the cutting edge. Hopefully, this will make you feel safer knowing that your property is being watched.

8. Be mindful of fire safety 

The arrival of Christmas and the winter period increase the chances of a hazard that many ignore: arson. Increased waste (cardboard boxes, packagings, paper etc.), additional employees and clients in the premises, larger amounts of stock and usage of portable heaters are all common realities when businesses approach the end of the year. All these changes increase fire risk and, for this reason, businesses should review their fire risk assessments.

After reading these tips, we hope you feel more confident against possible break-ins over the festive period. If you want to invest in your home or business security over Christmas, please check our full list of security services in Birmingham.