Reduce Risk and your Insurance Premiums with these Security measures

Insurance is a necessity that can’t be avoided, especially when it comes to protecting your business. Commercial property insurance is an investment that should always be carefully considered, as for all the expenses it can potentially save you, unfortunately it can come at a hefty price. 

When applying for a quote, one of the main factors that affect the premium you pay will be the security of the premises. This price will vary depending on the provider, along with your location, industry and likelihood of an assault on your business. 

A security system is paramount regardless of your insurance expenditure, but as experts in security we’ve compiled some specific methods you can implement to secure your premises and ultimately reduce your insurance premiums.

Camera Systems

  • CCTV: 

From shops to warehouses, most businesses will use CCTV as their go-to security measure. As well as providing footage of any incidents, cameras that cover important parts of your premises act as a deterrent for trespassers.

  • Motion Detection Recording:

Similar to CCTV, except footage is only recorded when activity in the monitored area is detected. The benefit of motion detection is that incidents are easier to search for, along with the preservation of disk space; an effective solution for surveillance.

  • Real-Time Video Streaming

A useful addition to your CCTV surveillance. With real-time video available, you’re able to monitor live recordings remotely. 

  • Remote Smart Notifications

With motion detection combined with real-time video, you can receive push notifications through your mobile phone whenever movement is detected. 


  • Security Alarm System

With a security alarm system, intruders will trigger sensors, putting them at a much higher risk of being caught in the act. Research suggests 60% of burglars would be deterred by an alarm system when selecting a target. 

  • Fire Alarms

In the event of a fire, it’s already too late to prevent risk to your property but not prevent casualties. Whether due to arson or disaster, fire alarms are essential for safety within your premises.

Point of Entry Prevention

  • Remote Door-locking

Keyholding is susceptible to human error. Forgetting to lock up can cost your business drastically and cause dire complications with your insurance claims. The ability to lock up remotely eradicates this risk.

  • Steel Doors

Front doors are the most common point of entry for break-ins. Steel doors are much less likely to be breached, as well as being more durable, energy-efficient and fire-resistant. 

  • Window Break Protection

In addition to locks, window bars or tempered glass can prevent-break ins. Window sensors can also be installed to trigger an alarm. 

  • Roller Shutters

A strong deterrent both physically and visually. Roller shutters protect entrances and windows from vandalism as well as the elements. They are a durable, reliable, cost-effective solution to safeguarding your property. 

Physical Protection 

Many of the above, such as CCTV & alarms, are essentials for most properties. The most effective way of protecting your premises however is physical security. Manned guarding and mobile patrols, for example, are precautionary measures most likely to effectively neutralise a threat, as opposed to providing a reactionary solution.

For this reason, the likelihood of risk to your business decreases considerably; which in turn can minimise your insurance quote. 

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