Preventing Burglary in Birmingham this Christmas

Burglary can be a traumatising event for any family or business. The properties we inhabit are places we naturally consider safe spaces, but unfortunately, there are people out there who are willing to violate your sense of comfort & security for their own personal gain. 


Even if you’re lucky enough to keep hold of valuable possessions, there is always the fear that your safe space could be invaded again, by a person evidently devoid of morals.


This Christmas, we all want to look forward to sharing gifts, indulging ourselves and spending time with our loved ones, without fear of a visit from the Grinches of our communities. 


So, here are some preventative measures and things to consider over the festive period!

Burglary Statistics for Birmingham Residents 


Being the Nation’s second city – with a population of over 2 and a half million people – West Midlands Police is the second largest police force in the country, covering an area of 348 square miles


Amidst all the crimes they serve to protect us from, Burglary is Birmingham’s 5th most frequent crime. As daunting as it sounds, Burglary is thankfully on the decline in Birmingham. In October of last year, 2794 burglaries were reported. That number decreased by almost a third this year, with just 1937 being reported in October 2019 (Economic Policy Centre). 


Keep your property safe this Christmas


According to Direct Line, more insurance claims are made during December than any other month of the year. Below are some precautions we suggest during Christmas as well as the rest of the year.


Your property is especially vulnerable during the darkness of winter, not to mention having a home full of presents!


When harbouring gifts from and for your loved ones, we recommend keeping presents out of sight. Many have their Christmas tree aglow in their front window; with presents underneath, you can make your home a target for burglars!


Social Media – sharing the gifts you’ve received and places you’ve been to during your holiday may seem all well and good for sharing with friends & family, but you never know who could be seeing your posts:

  • Don’t upload pictures of valuable items – this may only tempt opportunists.
  • Don’t ‘check in’ to places when you’re out late at night – you could inadvertently advertise the fact you aren’t home.


What should you do? 


Basic precautions we recommend are:


    • Leaving lights on when you’re out. As important as saving energy and money may be, a break-in can be so much more costly – this an easy way to divert attention towards your property.


  • Keep precious items safe. Hiding your most expensive or sentimental items in a locked safe, or somewhere difficult to find, is the best way to prevent losing things that may be irreplaceable – even if the worst happens.



Further measures to take:


  • If you haven’t already, install an alarm system; furthermore, ensure they’re switched on!
  • Install CCTV. If you’re unfortunate enough to be burgled, there is a lot more chance of the culprits being caught. You can also enhance your system with real-time video streaming so you can check on your property while you’re away, or be notified when you’re alarm system is triggered with motion detection & smart notifications
  • For business properties, manned guarding and mobile patrols are an essential investment, especially in areas with higher risk or for properties with valuable assets.


For more help & advice for keeping your property safe, contact Security 3000 today