How do you prevent squatters?

It is legal for squatters to remain in a property. Especially if that property is a non-residential property, is empty and isn’t generating income. So what can be done to protect vulnerable buildings from squatters?

Keep on reading to find out!

  • Doors

    Ensure squatters can’t get into the property by having a solid steel security door. by having a solid door, you will be able to ward off intruders. As it will be so difficult to get through the door. It is also good practice to secure fire exits.

  • Windows

    Install steel and anti-tamper fixings on to windows to protect them. Windows are a common way for intruders to get into a property. Make their lives different by installing these fixtures.

  • Skylights

    Skylights may make a room look bigger and may be visually pleasing. But they are a method of getting into a property, even though they are a long way up. Stop this from helping by securing your skylights and even your insurer will be pleased.

  • Locks

    Many locks are easy to force open from the outside. This can easily be avoided with the installation of high-quality roller shutter locks. As they are difficult to force open from the outside.

  • Alarm

    If there is no alarm already in place then it is a good idea to rent a wireless intruder alarm system. This will ensure that any unwanted activity within the property will be responded to quickly. By having the alarm in place and on show outside of the property can also be a good deterrent.

  • Utilities

    Don’t let your property become a paradise for squatters and make it unappealing for squatters by turning off water and electricity. There is no need for it and whilst the property is vacant, it will save you money.

  • Inspections

    Make sure to carry out regular inspections of the vacant property. It will keep you reassured and ensure you log all the inspections you carry out. This will come in handy for your insurer and will make sure a claim is not refused in the future.

Follow all these tips and you will ensure that squatters will remain out of your vacant property. If you would like information on how we could supply a manned guard or mobile patrols for your vacant property, get in touch.