Is it possible your security guard is sleeping on the job?

manned guarding

Keeping a property safe and secure is of the utmost importance, something 3000 Property Services understand.

The visibility of a manned guard outside a premises is enough of a deterrent against any possible threats to a property.
Manned guards sent to a property will be fully-trained and experienced individuals that are dedicated to their jobs – although there may be that possible string of doubt in your mind as to whether your guards are doing their job and not spending their time napping or reading a book.

To ensure this isn’t a recurring issue, 3000 Property Services have a way of making sure our hired guards are constantly engaged and alert in their task, using GuardSafe.

What is it?

GuardSafe is a compact piece of technology that is shaped like a box and can be placed at various points around a property. Each time a guard passes these boxes, they will check in, thus enabling us to monitor a guard’s activity, informing you that the guards are doing exactly what are being paid to do.

The technology

Guards will be given a phone that can be sued to activate the sensors that are mounted on the various boxes about the property.
As a guard is patrolling a certain sector or a specific route, they will activate each of the sensors, which will trigger a display of six random digits to appear, which will proceed to be sent back to our central monitoring station.

What if no code is sent?

In the event of a guard failing to send a code to the company’s central monitoring station, they will be called immediately and asked of their whereabouts.
Not only does this allow us to follow our guards whereabouts, it also acts as an efficient warning system; if there has been any kind of interruption to a guard’s patrol, we will know in a matter of minutes.

The use

GuardSafe has an effective impact on the security of a property as it provides the client and company with intel on the guards’ whereabouts and they remain alert throughout their shift.
An important factor of the device is it being backed up by a call from a response team that can check if any help is required.

If there are any problems or a guard is under threat by a criminal, a guard can call us and use a special code in their speech which will alert us if there is a critical issue that needs immediate attention.

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