Keeping Your Pop-up Store Secure

Pop-up shops are temporary retail plots that can sell any type of product. The types of products they sell can range from clothes, technology to food.

Pop-up shops started as a novelty used only by a small number of independent retailers.  However, the use of them grew massively in 2017 and they became a popular trend that were used widely. And the trend is likely to continue into 2018.

They usually last from anywhere from 1 week up to a couple of months. In addition to this, they are mostly located in areas with a high footfall such as city centres or high streets.

However, with the benefits of opening a shop for only a few months, there come more present threats, in terms of security. This is because temporary retail spaces won’t be fitted out the same way high street giants are. So what can be done about that?

Well, below  we have listed the most effective ways to make sure your pop-up shop is as secure as it can be:

Keep merchandise secure

Sometimes it’s better for customers to look with their eyes, not with their hands. As with most pop-up shops, the merchandise being sold will be bespoke handmade items meaning it’s not easily replaceable if things are shoplifted. An easy way to combat this is to use glass cases or display cases that can be easily moved as your shop will be on the move most of the time.

Security personnel

If possible invest in a guard. The pop-up shop will most likely be located in a busy urban environment with lots of possible customers. With this being said, it’s best to hire someone whose sole purpose is to protect the store from theft.

We are a national security supplier with 20 years industry experience working with an impressive list of customers. Thus, we can help with our manned guarding services, which are radically different. As we stabilise, improve, challenge and innovate enabling us to support our customers and security teams.

Take merchandise home

As pop-up shops, by definition, only carry a limited number of products in stock. So it might be a good idea to take the stock home with you after closing time.

This may cause hassle at the end of the day but by doing this you lower the risk massively of your shop being broken into and items being stolen. It will effectively look like an abandoned retail plot.

Protect your till

The position of you still can prove to be your biggest security point in the store. You want to position it near the entrance/exit to the shop, so that you can easily keep an eye on customers when they’re coming in and leaving

This can act as a deterrent to shoplifters. As they can see you have will a perfect view of them when they exit the shop.

Key holding

It may be likely that you are the sole operator and employee of the store. With this in mind it’s good to have someone you trust to keep the store secure when opening and closing. Running a store single-handedly is a daunting task.  Attention could be spread thin over the daily running of the store. The risks associated with being the sole key-holder, owner, cashier and in-store assistant outweigh the benefit. Thus, making it easier to manage the risk of opening up shop by outsourcing their key-holding to a professional security company.

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