Why you need manned guarding

Manned guarding is a brilliant deterrent for thieves that are a threat to a business.

Manned guarding services are now in demand because of the increasing number of workplaces and shopping stores that are being targeted by criminal activity all over the UK. For protection, manned guarding is being optioned.

Having a guard on site means there is someone to monitor and handle any situations that arise – for retail stores, manned guarding has given staff that feeling of security while they work along with preventing a large amount of theft. Providing the staff with a sense of security is probably the most attractive feature of having manned guarding. The knowledge of having a trained professional available to call on for assistance in difficult situations gives employees and customers peace of mind.

What can they do?

One thing to remember when opting for manned guarding is that they are not the police and will not have any legal power over the general public. Security guards are limited in retail environments to only detain shoplifters through an acceptable amount of force.

However, they provide a visible deterrent against thieves which has proven to limit the amount of attempted thefts.

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