Manned guarding is a security art

Manned guarding is an adjustable security measure that can be sculpted to the needs of any business

Manned guarding is a delicate process that requires altering in order to fit the needs of individual companies, with changes being introduced depending on the location and environment of businesses throughout the world.

In order for your security providers to select the most suitable service for you is by truly understanding what their client needs. They need to get an insight into the business, policies and rules, which will all have an effect on how contractors, visitors and employees alike are all treated and protected within the buildings of the company.

All of this preparation will allow the security provider to provide a fantastic service for you. Different businesses need various levels of skills or physical attributes in place to avoid varying levels of danger. This skill match will highlight which officers are best suited for the job, even outlining some areas where training is needed.

So, what exactly can manned guarding provide for your business?

Providing a tailored solution

The impression of a company can change from a customers point of view simply from the people inside. For example, if you were to have a security officer on your shop floor, it can completely alter the way a customer views your ‘brand image’. Giving a correct first impression is vital, as a customer should feel welcomed and safe in any store environment. The officers who are on site should do their utmost to protect the brand of the client whilst simultaneously delivering security solutions to the store.

Assess the full environment

Depending on the business environment that they find themselves in, guard will need to adjust their attitude and approach in a number of ways to match the attitude of the business. For example, a number of places will encourage people to enter their establishment, like theatres, shopping centres and museums, whilst businesses like warehouses, government buildings and more will do their utmost to deter people from trying to gain access.

Open environments are more relaxed, so guards must ensure that whilst they’re still monitoring security efforts that they’re friendly and welcoming to the customers around them.

In a closed environment, such as a bank, the security officer will have a much higher level of control when it comes to gaining access into the building. Security officers need to still be welcoming to any visitors that the building may have, yet they need to ensure that security efforts are maintained at a high standard whilst greeting guests and potential threats.

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