Improve your Security as a Landlord

More and more people are now relying on rented accommodation. With this, there is a lot of responsibility put onto landlords to keep tenants safe and secure. There are some really basic things both landlords and tenants can do in order to keep a property secure, so we have compiled a list of some top tips on how to boost security in a rented property.

Lock change

From the moment you, as a landlord, get the keys to a property, you should immediately change the locks to ensure security. If this is not done then previous owners or tenants can gain access to the property without you knowing.

If you have tenants, then a spare set of keys should be cut, but not given until requested by them. Instead of giving them all spare keys, which will increase the risk of them going missing and needed to be recut, give them a single master key for all locks. This can be used when they lose their original key and will negate the need for the landlord to be called out immediately for a replacement. In addition to this, by giving tenants spare keys before the original is lost can increase security risk as its possible for someone to steal a key they aren’t using or looking for.

Lighting Positions

Regardless if your property is rented by tenants or for commercial use, correct lighting is a highly reliable way to protect your property and make renters feel secure.

Lighting placed near driveways, entrances, and at the rear of a building can deter crime massively, as recent studies show that criminals are less likely to commit crimes in a well-lit area. You could even install lights that detect outside motion around the property. This increases security on properties that can be empty for a large amount of time. This can include holiday homes and temporary retail lots.

Fire hazards

Every year landlords are responsible for ensuring a gas safety check is carried out every year. If you are renting a property out, state in the tenancy agreement that no candles permitted in doors. In addition to this state smoking is not allowed inside the residential or commercial building.

We offer a comprehensive service, including the supply, installation and maintenance of a range of high-quality fire alarm systems.

As well as conventional fire alarms, we offer a wide range fire safety services, including:

  • Fire Extinguishers – Supply & Maintenance
  • PAT Testing
  • Sprinklers – Domestic & Commercial
  • Dry Risers – Testing & Maintenance
  • Fire & Safety Signs
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Safety Awareness Training


We highly recommend landlords to install a CCTV system. As cameras are an excellent keep watch on your owned property, as well as detecting and deterring crime. Attempt to put up signs that warn people they’re being recorded and watched. However, CCTV can only be used on the exterior of your property. This is because legally, you can only film the exterior, not communal areas.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about the options we provide to landlords, especially our tailor-made CCTV systems.