What you should know about intruders

Home and business owners need to ensure they are aware of the laws, rights and responsibilities when it comes to protecting their home, business, employees and family. Especially when it comes to intruders and your personal security.

It is not common for intruders to break into a home if they know the owner is inside. They normally adopt the attitude of targeting homes that are easy and safe to target. For this reason, make sure your home and businesses are protected by locks and alarms.

However, with that being said, here are the top tips on how to deal with intruders in the home.

  1. Find a safe location and call 999. Ensure that you are as detailed as possible, giving the location of your home, where you are, how many people are in the house, as well as how many intruders (you think) are in the house. Also, make sure that you leave the call on until your dispatcher confirms your call.
  2. Whatever you do next, ensure you use common sense. Stay calm and don’t take any unnecessary risks.
  3. It can be a nerve-wracking time but try not to argue or discuss with anyone about what you will do next. As this will alert the intruders on your next steps.
  4. It is best to think about protecting yourself and your family. So try not to confront the intruder with a weapon. As the surprise attack could lead them to lead the intruder to act violently.
  5. If you are confronted by the intruder then try to stay calm. Listen to their demands and try to cooperate.
  6. It is best to avoid direct eye contact, as it could be seen as being aggressive. Any action of this nature should be avoided unless it is life-threatening. Escaping is the safest option in this case but most homeowners would confront burglars to protect their valuables. The law in this country states that you do not have to wait to be attacked to defend your home. Meaning that you can defend yourself and your home if you fear for yourself or others.
  7. If you think the burglar is in a different room of your home and isn’t aware you are there then break something. The noise will alert them and hopefully terrify them enough to leave.
  8. Remember that if you decide to chase them after they leave your home then this does not count as acting in self-defence.
  9. It’s not a good idea to challenge an intruder. As the law does not allow you to retaliate and take the law into your own hands. However, reasonable force as self-defence to protect yourself, another person, or your properties is acceptable.
There you have it, there is nothing wrong with defending your home against intruders, but keep it within reason. 3000 Security is a security company in Birmingham. We are able to design CCTV systems in and around Birmingham to suit your needs and that they will be highly beneficial if an intruder comes into your home. We also operate a fully insured, UK wide, Keyholding and Alarm Response Service for commercial and domestic customers.