The importance of a security guard

Hiring a security guard is extremely beneficial for your business, as they provide a visible deterrent against criminals and protect your assets.

Below we’ve listed how businesses benefit from hiring a security guard…

Shopping centres are an excellent example of where a security guard should patrol, as these areas are the most targeted for car theft, robbery, vandalism, muggings and other forms of crime. By having a security guard on site the decrease in these crimes taking place will be significant.

Offices can be overlooked but they are also an important place to have security guards present.
Manned guarding at office buildings are able to control the flow of entrances, and departures from the building and ensure that the only people entering the building are those who have actual access.
Another advantage is the ability of being escorted out into the car park if workers are working late.

Warehouses and industrial buildings are common targets for thieves, as these building are usually in derelict areas, a way away from residential zones.
Guards guarding the area are able to make sure buildings are securely locked and that no unwanted persons enter the property.
We offer mobile patrols that create a presence that will deter a criminal from entering the property.
Again, a security guard will note any suspicious activity within the area and report suspected danger to the police.

Events are particularly important to have a security staff visible – whether it be a concert, wedding, conference, sporting event or any other public or private functions.
The security member(s) will make sure the event goes smoothly, security issues are dealt with quietly and efficiently and that only those with access are to enter the function.

Lastly, security guard placement for apartment buildings are another important place.
Locks and call buttons can sometimes not be enough and criminal may be able to infiltrate a building where security is lacking, and a guard will prevent entrance from unwanted persons and can patrol parking lots and all accesses into the building, ensuring all the premises are safe and secure.

We can provide specifically trained guard that cater for all type of business and will act professionally at all times. 3000 Property Services are Security Company in Birmingham providing all type of security services.
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