How to avoid commercial building fires

Building fires are something we put to the back of our mind, we think they won’t happen to us and we let the professionals deal with them if they do. However, statistically fires are far more common during standard work hours, which clearly shows that we tend to be a contributing factor to the fires occurring in our buildings. But what is it we are doing? And how can it be avoided?

Signpost common areas

If you work in a shared environment like an office or a building site, it’s common to have a shared kitchen area. These are filled with gas or electric devices prone to causing fire hazards. It’s important to clearly sign the areas with warnings and reminders of the potential hazards. If devices need to be switched off, leave a sign confirming this. You should also always keep a fire safety/hazard poster on your notice board.


Keep your wired hardware regulated

Do you use electric heaters? Or plug in too many extension cables? As our day to day becomes more and more dominated by technology, it’s important to make sure you are keeping your desk clear of electronic clutter. If loose wires are left exposed or electronic equipment aren’t switched off when when they aren’t being used, you will be causing a potential fire hazard. It’s also a common mistake to leave fluids near hardware unattended. Another common oversight is switching off plug sockets when they are not being used.


Designated smoking areas

Make sure your smoking areas are clearly signposted. It’s also worth making sure the designated areas are sheltered and easy to access to deter any temptations to smoke elsewhere. Implement regulated disposal bins for cigarettes or if you work with other flammables make sure the correct disposal procedures are followed.


Fire risk assessment

Sometimes the real dangers to your building may not always be the most obvious. Hire a professional to perform a fire risk assessment and provide you with any advice you may need to keep your building safe. Fire risk assessors can provide a number of services, find out more here.


Update fire alarm systems

When was the last time you tested your fire alarm system? If you do not have regular fire drills it’s common your alarm system is gathering dust. Make sure you are regularly testing it, if there are any faults or issues, you may need a new one installed.

Here at 3000 Security we want to keep you safe, though fire safety is not ignored in most commercial buildings, it certainly can be overlooked. We hope you use our tips and tricks to update the fire safety in your building.

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