Reducing COVID Risks: How Security Firms Can Assist

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has created an even greater need for high quality safety and security measures.

As businesses continue to be left unattended during lockdown, companies coping with reduced staffing are at a greater risk of being targeted by opportunistic criminals or experiencing unfortunate accidents.

Whether you’ve managed to get your business back up and running amidst the change in Government guidelines, or if you’re still waiting for the go-ahead to get back to some form of normality, utilising an experienced and proactive security firm can help to support your staff and business, particularly during these unprecedented times.

With a range of security solutions available, the experts at 3000 Security have highlighted the best options to help support your business during lockdown:

How retailers can work safely during coronavirus

With nonessential shops reopening in July, and other retail outlets continuing to adhere to the Government’s strict social distancing guidelines following the most recent updates, providing highly trained security staff to ensure that these standards are met is paramount.

By utilising a trusted security firm, retailers can ensure social distancing measures are adhered to in a safe and efficient manner. Similarly, outside retail locations, trained security staff can also arrange efficient queue management, to maintain a professional reputation for customers, old and new.

On site security

Particularly for businesses that operate in the construction industry, security firms can be on hand to ensure that all employees and visitors to site are safe and wearing the appropriate PPS. During the lockdown period, your business may be experiencing a shortage of staff, so the addition of on site security will not only provide peace of mind, but also ensure strict guidelines are met at all times.

3000 Security also offers Gatehouse and Turnstile security services to ensure safety and security at a variety of business locations, helping to secure your business and employees.

Concierge and reception security services

If you own or manage a business that requires concierge services or has a reception area, security firms act as a safe pair of hands to keep your business running smoothly, particularly during these unprecedented times.

Whether it’s to secure the parameters or to even take in a parcel delivery or two, our security team can take the pressure off your staff by limiting their regular contact, helping to keep your employees safe amidst the lockdown period.

Mobile patrol services

With business operations still greatly impacted by the recent pandemic, many premises, sites and offices continue to stay empty and therefore are more susceptible to a variety of issues including water leaks, criminal damage and other serious situations.

By investing in a mobile patrol team, business owners can maintain strict standards required by insurance companies and stay safe in the knowledge that their livelihood is protected. With a range of cost-effective solutions available, you can ensure everything is in order, without even being there.

Locking and unlocking services

With Government guidelines beginning to relax, businesses are starting to welcome small bubbles of staff back to offices, but this may not be enough to provide holistic security prevention. 

Here at 3000 Security, we can provide a reliable unlocking and opening service to make up for lack of staffing, to ensure your place of work is secured to the highest standard.

Alternatively, if your original keyholding and alarm response contact is unable to attend your business due to the current lockdown measures, we can also be there to support you when you need it most.

With a variety of security solutions in place to help your business stay safe and secure during this pandemic and beyond, we’d love to help support your company in getting back to normality, effectively and efficiently.

If you have concerns about how to manage your business and minimise the risks of Covid-19 and manage the corresponding regulations, please feel free to chat with one of our experts on 0121 244 7755 or email us at