How to avoid commercial building fires

Building fires are something we put to the back of our mind, we think they won’t happen to us and we let the professionals deal with them if they do. However, statistically fires are far more common during standard work hours, which clearly shows that we tend to be a contributing factor to the fires occurring in our buildings. But what is it we are doing? And how can it be avoided?

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Improve your Security as a Landlord

More and more people are now relying on rented accommodation. With this, there is a lot of responsibility put onto landlords to keep tenants safe and secure. There are some really basic things both landlords and tenants can do in order to keep a property secure, so we have compiled a list of some top tips on how to boost security in a rented property. Continue reading “Improve your Security as a Landlord”

Fire Risk Assessment: What you need to know!

In order to comply with The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 or Fire Safety Order (FSO), a Fire Risk Assessment needs to be undertaken. But what exactly do you have to do to get this assessment done? Continue reading “Fire Risk Assessment: What you need to know!”

Why You Should Have a Fire Risk Assessment

What is it?

Fire risk assessments are as suggested, involving a review of the premises of your business and ensuring that there aren’t any immediate fire hazards that could be potentially dangerous to employees and others within the building.

What should you consider?

Every fire risk assessment considers the following 5 points:

  • What are the hazards that could lead to a fire?
  • Who are the people at risk?
  • Evaluate and remove the risk;
  • Prepare an emergency plan and provide training;
  • Update the fire risk assessment;

How do you get one?

At 3000 Security we provide a fire risk assessment service in Birmingham. An assessment should be implemented by qualified professionals who can offer guidance on the matter. However, you should always seek out guidance from a local fire authority.

It is important to consider any fire hazards and the people who may be at risk. You should remove the risk in question prior to recording findings and making preparations for an emergency escape plan.

Is it required?

Having a completed fire risk assessment is a legal requirement. If the fire and rescue authority discovers serious risks that haven’t been properly dealt with, you may face a fine of up to £5,000.

However, if you have fewer than 5 employees, it isn’t necessary to write a health and safety policy.

If you have any questions about fire risk assessments and security company Birmingham, please contact us we would be happy to help.

Importance of a fire risk assessment

3000 Security offer a fire risk assessment service, something which is incredibly vital for a workplace.

A fire in the workplace can impact a business massively, not only is there the threat of severe injuries to workers and possible death, there is the financial impact upon the workplace and any of its trading operations.

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Why do I need a fire risk assessment?

What’s a fire risk assessment and why is it needed?

A fire is started from the combination of three separate elements: fuel, oxygen and an ignition source that will enable the chemical reaction of fuel and oxygen to ignite. A fire cannot get started if one of these key elements is missing, therefore, it’s important to take various steps in order to prevent these three elements combining in a deadly manner.

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