How to do a fire risk assessment

A fire risk assessment consists of 4 key components. In this blog, we’ll take an in-depth look into these 4 factors of the assessment and you can even begin to start your own fire risk assessment!

Identifying the fire hazards in your business

Fire hazards are all around us, yet you may be unaware of their presence in your business and the danger they can cause to your establishment. Try and identify the sources of ignition, which can be naked flames, fuel, paper, flammable liquids, wood and even oxygen. If you limit the amount of these items around your business, especially in areas where they’re not needed, this will help massively towards the safety of your business. Also, ensure that fire doors are kept closed at all times, maintaining a good overall health as to limit the air flow from fire.

Identifying who is at risk

It’s vital for you to make an assessment of those who are at risk from the fire. This will involve identifying the number of people working on the premises, including those who visit the premises, work (i.e. contractors) and maybe even customers.

Are the existing safety measures adequate?

After assessing the first two points of the fire risk assessment, you should then look to introduce any necessary measures in order to reduce the risk of people or property becoming harmed due to fire hazards.

Overall review of fire risk assessment

A review of the fire risk assessment should always be carried out at regular intervals, which minimises the risk of harm to those in your establishment. It should be carried out to aim at the previous fire risk assessment and improve on areas that are thought to be out of date.

This may be because:

There have been changes made to the premises that may impact the fire risk assessment’s previous review.

A considerable period of time has elapsed since the previous fire risk assessment.

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