Digital marketing in the security sector

According to the most recent reports, the security industry still tend to rely on trade publications and ignore social media and other forms of digital marketing. But this is a major oversight – digital marketing can be crucial to the sucess of any business, including the security industry…

Is your security business visible online?

Online marketing might seem unnecessary for security companies, where most business comes through referral and tendering. But without a strong online presence, any security business is missing out on potential clients – not to mention the fact that even customers who are referred to you will be researching your business before contacting you.

Nowadays, it’s crucial that your business is visible across multiple digital channels. In order to do this, you’ll need to work with a trustworthy marketing agency who can work to improve your search engine rankings, your presence on social media, and help to generate new leads through email marketing.

What are the key areas of digital marketing?

There are three main areas of digital marketing that security business owners should consider…

Web Design

Your business’ website needs to contain all the relevant information that your potential clients are looking for. It also needs to work properly across different devices.


SEO can be confusing. This is further complicated by the difficulty of choosing an honest SEO services provider. But really it’s quite simple; it’s all about making your website and online presence as relevant, useful, and informative for your customers as possible.

And while organic search is a crucial marketing channel, what’s really important is raising brand awareness, increasing enquiries and sales, and – most importantly – growing your business online.

Social Media

Sometimes businesses will create profiles and fail to see a return on their investment. Security businesses should be focussing on maintaining a solid B2B presence on LinkedIn, while boosting their overall brand through a highly active channel like Twitter.