Why your business needs manned guarding

If your company has expanded recently, it could become targeted by criminals.

Whether it be a criminal’s intention to get their hands on financial records or if they are intending to steal physical property, it is quite beneficial to have manned guarding for you business, for more reasons than just one:

Your business’s premises will have that visual presence fo security if you have a manned guard.
Having a manned guard can act as a threat to criminals, as they’ll see they’re choice of attack is actually protected which will deter them from attempting to attack your building.
If there your business has visual security, criminals will believe that there are more security systems in place.

Another benefit of having a manned guard on site is the comfort of your staff working later hours into the evening.
This is ideal if your business is in sales, or based around customer service, where late shifts occur frequently.
Your employees will feel much more safe knowing there is a security guard  present.

Manned guarding also present the opportunity of using video surveillance on around other areas of your building/the site of your business – ideal for a business that operates on bigger premises.

Hiring someone for manned guarding also depicts a good employer.
As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure your members of staff are safe and approach towards the safety of your employees.

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