The Attributes Every Security Guard Needs to Have

Some people think that certain jobs are easy, such as being a security guard. We can tell you right now that that isn’t the case. You are meant to have a certain level of fitness but there is also a lot more to manned guarding. Looking at the attributes below, could you be a security guard?

Patience is the most important attribute of a good security guard. This is key because a part of their job is to watch over an empty property for an unlimited amount of time. And to be able to do this without getting distracted or switching off. Certain aspects of the role can make it boring, however, there is no room for complacency when you are a security guard.

Another attribute that is key to being a successful security guard is vigilance. As there is no point being patient if you miss the incidents that you are employed to prevent. A security guard needs to constantly be on the ball or they could miss a potentially crucial piece of information.

It is necessary for a security guard to have a certain level of confidence. This attribute is essential because the guard may need to confront a potential trespasser or suspicious individual. There is nothing wrong with being shy but that attribute won’t get you far in the security industry. This confidence will also help the security guard to handle the general public, police and their employees. And to be able to do this in a professional manner, as well as communicate the necessary information clearly and concisely. Hesitancy will not work if you are trying to catch criminals.

Observational skills
Last but not least is a security guard’s ability to observe. This attribute is essential to a security guards role. As a majority of their job is spent observing and they are the ultimate deterrant, compared to other security solutions.

There are many more attributes that a security guard needs in order to make them great at their job. However, those named in this post are the most important. And we ensure that all of our manned guards embody them. To find out more contact us. If you are interested in applying for a job with our security company in Birmingham then email us at or call us on 0121 244 7755.