Alarm services, patrol guards and false alarms

With the ever increasing risk of theft and burglaries today, alarm and patrol services are an absolute must. This article will tell you just why it’s important to have these measures in place.

Alarm services, patrol guards and false alarms

With false alarms being raised often due to triggered alarms or false neighbour reports, this can add up to endless amounts of charges by the responding Police. So how can you combat this?

Alarm systems will always do the job they’re meant to do if triggered but without the aid of a guard/patrol response you’ll be unable to detect if it was a false or real alarm. This is why security officers or even manned guards are usually brought in.

Security Guards and Manned Guarding

Security Officers, Manned Guards and security patrol units have been in place for many years to ensure the security of a commercial property or building. Although most of the time bigger companies can afford to have 24/7 manned security officers who can respond to an onsite alarm trigger within seconds, the cost of this can quickly escalate.

If you’re a small company or even a home owner you can now get emergency response patrol officers who are only called out to an alarm raise, once the security system is triggered the security head centre is then prompted to take immediate action. With watch over the building via security cameras they can determine if the alarm was a false trigger in which a patrol officer will be called out or a robbery in which the police will be notified ASAP.

Patrol Units and the types of protection

Patrol security services can be arranged in many ways with the type of patrol you wish to have, with the different situations certain protection will be more beneficial to each business/home owner, take a look below to see the different patrol protections.

  • Security officers can be assigned to a certain post in which they’ll need to keep a constant guard, this can be at a public place or on the grounds of a business.
  • Mobile Security patrols are very common for small businesses as it requires an officer to conduct drive-bys around the building and grounds allowing them to check for vandalism, fire/water damages and unusual behaviour.
  • Alarm Responses allows a patrol to be sent out and act upon any false triggered alarms within minutes to then act upon accordingly however if a burglary is seen in the act then other authorities such as the Police may be informed.

We hope you now have a better understanding of how the security patrols, alarm response systems and manned guarding processes work, if you would like to find out more 3000 Property services offer all security services within Birmingham, West Midlands.